Dune supports a diff action that compares two files aa and bb and fails if aabb. The magic of this action is that it allows the user to set a:=ba := b if aa is a source file and bb is a generated file. This is used under the hood for code formatting with dune build @fmt:

  1. for each file aa, generate a formatted file bb;
  2. assert that a=ba = b;
  3. if not, the user may run dune promote to set a:=ba := b.

The diff action can also be used to write 'self-correcting' tests: write a series of tests with some expected output; run each test and diff the output with an expected output; if any of the errors are expected, run dune promote to auto-correct the test.

One particularly useful type of 'self-correcting' test is an assertion of the output of the --help option to a binary. Snapshot the --help output in a help.txt file and diff it against the true --help output each time you run your tests. This has two advantages:

  • you are certain of how any PR will change your program's CLI;

  • the help.txt file serves as documentation that is guaranteed to be up-to-date.

For example, here's how it's being done in CraigFe/oskel:

  (run oskel --help=plain)))

 (alias runtest)
  (diff oskel-help.txt oskel-help.txt.gen)))